Dear Enterprise Operations,

I’m writing to confess my undying love for you. I am a Mobile Application, and I yearn to be your forever partner.  

I first heard about you when I was out with some friends. You sounded so fascinating – so complex with intricate inner-workings. It seemed like you had all the right qualities: a strong desire to work well with others, constantly looking to improve yourself, adaptive, a high performer, always striving to achieve balance.

At first, it was just a crush…I Googled you and found a few articles about enterprise operations, looked you up on Facebook, and then I knew we’d be the perfect match. I considered reaching out to you to see if you’d want to meet, but couldn’t find the courage. But then I saw an updated status – you had just gotten out of a relationship with a previous software company. I figured this was my chance to show you how great we could be together, so I dug deeper into your past to find ways to impress you.

The more I found out, the more I knew we were meant for each other. Your mission in life is to make strong, lasting connections – between people, objects, data and services with seamless processes that provide real value to the most important people in your life: your stakeholders and customers. You have great ambitions; you strive for transparency – gaining real-time visibility into yourself, your operations, creating a proactive environment enabling better understanding, forecasting and management of the end-to-end production environment. And you’re always open to trying new things like innovative technologies that will help you to develop in the right ways, grow your awareness and deepen your insight into self-improvement. You’re looking for a partner, someone who will be there for you time after time and help you improve. 

Your past relationships with software have fallen short of your expectations; constantly causing problems you can’t seem to fix, miscommunication, a history of breakdowns and foundational issues. This system you put so much trust into constantly made excuses for its poor behavior and failed to iterate and evolve when it was necessary to grow in new directions. I would never do this to you; I just want to help you reach your end goals.

I truly believe we are the perfect fit, and together, we will be stronger. As a native iOS or Android mobile application, I can be anything you want me to be. I will go with you wherever you are, supporting you every step of the way. I have a solid foundation, with the highest quality system architecture, built for speed, efficiency and scalability – just like you. I’m no ‘fixer-upper’ that needs to be saved, I stand strong on my own code so we can achieve greatness together. I will grow WITH you and we can work together to adapt as things change and evolve. I will be a sustainable and lasting partner that strives to make your life easier. I’m dependable, trustworthy and all I want is to help process your problems. I always strive for quality – doing everything I can to ensure excellence and I refuse to take any easy outs or deploy workarounds to problems that may come up.  

I just want the chance to get to know you better, and for you to get to know me. I imagine a long-term relationship that lasts forever, built on a solid foundation to support one another and work together in pursuit of success.

If you need help streamlining communications between employees or customers, I’ll be there with real-time messaging and push notifications. Need to improve transparency and increase efficiency? I can provide data analytics and performance metrics to give you insight into your systems and deliver the right information to the right person. Need to create a seamless user experience that can be easily navigated? I can be a user interface that meets all user expectations. Are you struggling to see into the future and make better decisions about your operations? I can provide predictive analytics that will ease your real-time decision making. Does your equipment need to run more efficiently and be repaired quicker? I can retrieve information from IoT-sensors connected to your equipment enabling remote monitoring, maintenance and repair. Anything else that gets thrown our way, we will find an answer. All of these solutions will help you to save money and increase your value and revenue, improving your quality of life and operations so we can build a sustainable future together.

This is my declaration of love, Enterprise Operations. Choose me, your devoted Mobile App, as your partner. I believe we are a match made in heaven and we will do great things together.



Your not-so-secret admirer, Mobile Application

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