Building Something Special.

It seems to be an almost annual rite of passage for fast-growing tech companies to pack their boxes and drive their monitors to slightly bigger office spaces. There’s excitement about working around someone’s dining room table in the early days, and then hesitantly pulling the trigger on a proper rental, banking on your own hard-won success to carry you and your growing team through another year. And then as month 12 approaches and the staff swells, the hunt for the property to house you for the next 12 months commences. And then you do it again. And again. I’ve been lucky (?) to be part of companies that have been successful enough to go through this nomadic cycle nearly every year.

When I joined Stable Kernel in 2016, we had just moved into our previous office at Krog Street. Our company’s owners Joe and Jason, having been through many of the same moves that I had, decided to gamble on a space that could hold us for at least a couple of years. And what an amazing couple of years it’s been! Through some trial and error, we’ve put together a phenomenal staff of colleagues who are passionate about their work and deeply engaged in the company we’ve been all building together. We’ve celebrated master’s degrees, marriages, first homes and the start of their families. Through long whiteboard sessions, some late nights, and a commitment to staying hungry for new challenges, our team has landed clients that we’re proud to brag about. We’ve learned new technologies and have even shared frameworks that we’ve developed for the software community. We’ve been hard at work feeding our curiosity and solving problems for our clients while growing in a stable, sustainable manner.

Stable Kernel is distinguishable from many other growing tech companies in some notable ways. We aren’t hoping for explosive growth. We are not seeking the approval of venture capitalists. We are not hoping to spin off this company for big money to retire quick or do it all again. We are not churning employees at the industry-standard (but alarming) rate. We have been very intentional about building a privately-owned, inventive business that will offer stability, engagement and enjoyment to our clients, our employees, and ourselves.

On Thursday, our staff somewhat wistfully left our Krog Street office, but not before they’d reminisced about many of the things we’d been through in the space (and certainly not before group selfies were taken to document the day).

Today, we reveal our brand new space to our team. We’ve been keeping our work on it under wraps for about a year while planning and building a very special space intentionally designed for how we work and live. As our colleagues enter the brand new BeltLine-adjacent building, they will be greeted by us and shuttled not up to the office, but to the stunning Willoughby Rooftop Lounge overlooking Atlanta’s skyline. We will eat freshly baked Revolution Donuts (a staple in our office celebrations), share some words and wishes about our new home, and raise our glasses in a toast of all that is to come. We will then finally travel down to Suite 200 where we will cut the ribbon at our front door and introduce the team to their nearly completed space. While we’re still waiting on a few pieces of furniture to arrive, what we really need to complete the office are the talented, dedicated colleagues that we adore. After all, our colleagues and our clients are what this business is all about.

Once our team has had the first look, we will share photos and details of the space with you. And we hope that you’ll come by for a visit in the years ahead!

Our new address:

Stable Kernel
746 Willoughby Way NE
Atlanta, GA 30312

Jami Sieder

Chief People and Culture Officer at Stable Kernel

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