Over the last year and a half, stable|kernel has worked with Rheem Manufacturing, the industry leader for total heating, cooling and water heating solutions.

In order to differentiate itself as a technology-forward company, Rheem tasked stable|kernel with developing mobile products to provide homeowners remote access and control over their Rheem EcoNet equipment, specifically the EcoNet Water Heater and HVAC systems.

Rheem EcoNet is the first integrated system for your home’s heating, cooling and water heating equipment — delivering a new level of efficiency, convenience and comfort. Some of the benefits of the EcoNet app:

  • Saves energy by easily setting your home to vacation mode when not in use
  • View all systems in your home from one screen
  • Quickly adjust temperature settings and modes
  • Set up multiple homes from one phone

Rheem EcoNet

Rheem EcoNet

The app launched at the 2015 NAHB International Builders’ Show,® the largest annual light construction show in the world. Check out this great vlog from Matt Risinger, an Austin-based builder and blogger.

The apps, developed for iPhone, iPad and Android, included:

  • RESTful web services integration
  • Push notifications
  • Custom interactive user-manipulated animations
  • IoT – connected device integration
  • Analytics

As we all know, the Internet of Things is dominating the mobile/connected home conversation. As a society, our behavior has greatly changed due to mobile technology and without even really thinking about it, we’ve come to expect this internet integration with everything we interact with. At first, mobile served primarily as a communication tool that morphed into a search engine, a social network platform provider, workforce tool, financial tracker, etc…. and now mobile is connecting to the things we have in our homes or offices or cars.

Rheem saw an opportunity to change the way homeowners think about their home energy hardware. We no longer have to content ourselves with knowing these systems save us money by lowering our energy consumption. Rheem has put the power of energy savings into our hands so that as homeowners, we can actively monitor and control our consumption. That’s pretty cool. stable/kernel is proud to play a role in changing how people think about energy consumption, in improving the safety of these pieces of equipment and in further cementing Rheem’s industry leadership as it fully-embraces the future of technology.

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