Yesterday Joe joined the Dana Barrett Show in studio at Biz1190 in Buckhead to talk mobile apps for #TechTuesday.

Listen to the Dana Barrett Show program:

Some highlights:

“To me, mobile apps are tools. In the beginning, we had a lot of people think, ‘We need something in the app store; we need to be searchable on the app store,’ but when you opened up the app, it was nothing but branding. That doesn’t really fly anymore.”


“One thing we are really seeing is this connection to the Internet of Things. Physical – your dishwasher, your AC, your water heater even…and how do you control those things from your mobile device…. it’s something that makes your life a lot easier.”


“Consumer-facing mobile apps often are more ‘toyish’ sort of things…but underneath that exists the ability for all great internal tools and that’s what we like to focus on, some of these company tools that may never see consumers, they might only be used internally by employees; there’s so much value there.”

On working with a lot of different clients:

“Learning different industries is probably one of the most rewarding parts of software development…what can I take from [learning that industry and apply it to the next industry.]”

On technology company culture:

“At the end of the day we are still at a place of work and we still need to get things done. If you are doing it just because you want to be cool or just because you want to shove it in the face of your old corporate overlord, however you feel, then that’s the wrong reason for doing things. It’s a need-based thing. Technology companies realized it’s not comfortable to program in a suit and tie. Based on that need – you don’t have to program in a suit and tie.”

They also bantered about top tech headlines:

  • Our Atlanta airport is moving forward on the mixed-use development we’ve talked about previously on the show. The so-called “Airport City” will incorporate a hotel, office space and “travel plaza” (which Dana think’s is code for gas station/convenience store). The powers that be have invited companies interested in working on the project to pre-qualify, starting today at 2PM.


  • The landmark King and Queen towers in Sandy Springs are now up for sale as part of the entire Concourse Corporate Center which the owners hope will sell for close to $500 million.


  • GM showed off a new electric vehicle at the recent Detroit Auto Show. They say it will be able to go 200 miles on a single charge and their plan is to make it affordable for the masses.


  • The Apple Watch, set to be released in March is getting good reviews.


  • CNN has been cleared by the FAA to test drones for reporting.


  • The “hactivist group” Anonymous has declared a war on terror in response to the Charlie Hebdo attack, blocking a known french terror group’s website AND releasing the Twitter handles of a group of people they say are jihadists.

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