Finally we have something to thank McDonald’s for: spilling the details about Android Pay coming to the U.S.

So we are thinking, what’s the difference between Apple and Android? Android will have the same functionality as Apple, but without the fingerprint scan to pay since Android phones do not have that feature at the moment, but fingerprint scanning will be build into the Marshmallow release when that comes soon. It will work at any stores in the U.S. that already accept Apple Pay. Android released a list of places you can use the pay function and also the banks that you can add to Android Pay:


Android Pay has also been working with mobile app developers to create a “Buy With Android Pay,” which will allow the user to purchase products with the app. It will also create a loyalty card to rack up points at your favorite places. All users will have to do is unlock their phones and place it near the contactless terminal to pay.

With Android announcing Android Marshmallow last week, Android has been in the news lately, but will Android Pay be a great addition for Android users?

Ross Hambrick, Vice President of Engineering at stable|kernel, muses, “It will be interesting to see what the ramifications for built-in support for loyalty rewards will be, and if Android filling the market gap will help push mobile payments into the mainstream.”

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