stable|kernel client Rheem Manufacturing recently launched a mobile app developed specifically for their third-party partners in the field. The manufacturer joins an esteemed tier of 40% of companies that have equipped field service teams with a mobile solution, according to a Field One survey.

The contractor app was designed to assist field service engineers and distributors on-site and in the office. It contains a number of features intended to help contractors and distributors recommend Rheem products, equipping them with an easy-to-use app that provides access to all products, information and videos.

The manufacturing titans were determined to create an exceptional product that would strengthen relationships with contractors and distributors, those most likely to influence a homeowner’s purchase decisions. To do so, the company engaged stable|kernel to conduct extensive user discovery. Our UX team gathered information from the ground up, riding along with contractors across the country to observe the contractors’ workflow and discover the best ways an app could assist an employee in the field. After analyzing hours of interviews the team devised the features for the contractor app.

The app includes:

  • DesignStar load calculation tool
  • Warranty and financing information
  • Order forms
  • Installation and troubleshooting checklists
  • Company news
  • Marketing materials

Depending on the user: contractor, distributor or sales representative, the app customizes content to fit the user’s specific needs. Based on the programs or promotions the user is enrolled in and the products they support, the app tailors the experience to the individual, creating a unique, personalized experience.

“Our goal was to build the most useful resource for our partners who are on the frontline of sales and service every day—and we did just that,” said Bill Alderson, director, marketing and digital services, Rheem. “We’ve built a tool that will work just as well on the road as it does from an office computer.”



More App Features

The product browsing feature also permits downloads of the latest product images, features specifications, literature and certifications. This feature flips through all heating, cooling and water heating products. The app also provides a quick search option and automated, real-time updates over wifi. The app was developed for use on both Android and iOS phones and tablets (iPhone 5s and up) and will replace the company’s existing apps which were previously available for download through the portal.

Rheem is one of the thousands of manufacturing and service companies who have leveraged an app to increase sales, reduce costs, simplify and improve internal processes and modernize their business. Due to its industry-leading commitment to digital innovation, the company has pushed their business to the forefront of mobile technology adoption and leadership within the manufacturing industry.

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