The “2017 Technology and the Human Condition” report illuminates the perspective of 150 mobile product team members. These technologists gave their opinions on the current and future state of technology and how it relates to their human experiences: how we think, communicate and work.

Do you believe that the future of technology is full of opportunities to improve the human condition? Do you believe we are set on a track toward human isolation? Do you see a future where humans will be marginalized by technology or one where technology will give us an upper hand?

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Our online survey called upon respondents working in mobile technology to express their opinions on the tech giants of the world, share insight into the potential for augmented reality and virtual reality, and predict where the innovations of the future lie. Autonomous cars, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and other thought-provoking technology topics are addressed in this survey. It brings into question: is the human condition better or worse with the rapid advancement of technology?

Advancements in technology have continuously changed the way humans live, work, think and communicate. Some ideas have brought about industrial revolutions and transformations in transportation. Other discoveries have significantly improved public health and have doubled modern life expectancies. We’ve seen a tremendous change in how technology enhances our daily lives, impacts the way we communicate with each other and influences how we share information.

How do mobile professionals feel about technology’s growing impact on the human experience? Many are excited about the future. They know certain technologies including artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, connected cars and the Internet of Things have the potential to change the world. They also believe most current technology is either not mature enough, not useful enough or secure enough for mainstream adoption. Innovation is driving society forward at a fast pace. Both technologists and consumers must acclimate to this changing atmosphere.

Let’s take a look at how product teams who actively imagine, design and invent these new technologies feel about the connected world and its impact on human cognition, communication and work.

INFOGRAPHIC: Technology and the Human Condition

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