It’s not a new argument. Windows vs Mac, Microsoft vs Apple. And now for the battle of the smartphones.

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iPhone and Android own the lion’s share of the smartphone market in the U.S. – nearly 90 percent. Each platform’s users are generally more passionate about the platform and the types of apps available to those operating systems.

Android dominates the market with its open-source OS and lower price point. iOS users are brand loyalists who tend to be more active online than their Android-using counterparts and spend money more frequently and have deeper interactions with brands more often.

While most smartphone users have a preference, they probably aren’t drinking the #haterade; between fanboys and phandroids, however, there’s a lot of banter and poking at each other.

iOS vs Android

iOS vs Android

I’m a huge Apple fan. I love my MacBook Pro and I love my iPhone. I’m kind of frugal though, so I’ll wait until I’m due an upgrade in April to see how much the iPhone 6 is running by then. Even so, I’m not likely to switch over to a non-Apple device. I’m just comfortable with the iPhone. I’m not alone in that – the majority of female smartphone users tend to be iPhone users. Though, interestingly, women aged 40-49 prefer Samsung devices over iPhones.

Android tends to skew male – 56 percent of its user, in fact. I like the term Todd Hixon uses in this Forbes article where he refers to a “brogrammer” culture where users tend to be “male, deeply technical, and hard drinking.” Perhaps, taking into account that description, it might not come as a surprise that men, aged 50-59, prefer iPhones.

Which is Better?

At the end of the day, it’s not difficult for most of us to find what we need on either OS. As most smartphone users aren’t developers, it comes down to style, workflow preferences, cost and perceived cool factor.

If you are still having trouble deciding, we can settle this the logical way. With a rap-off. In Italian.

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