Stable Kernel is developer-focused consulting company located on the BeltLine in Atlanta, GA. Our mission is to guide our team to become better programmers, communicators and business strategists. Founded by Joe Conway, whose award-winning iOS programming book has trained hundreds of thousands of developers over the last 7 years, Stable Kernel invests heavily in deepening and broadening a developer’s skillset through a team-oriented approach. And we’re now hiring mobile developers!

A Stable Kernel developer is dedicated to one project at a time and works on a team of 4-8 people that we call “squads.” A squad is a combination of small, dedicated project teams that support one another by reviewing each other’s pull requests, mentoring and participating in skill-building initiatives managed by their squad leader. A squad owns between 1-4 projects at a time.

A project may be an iOS application that we build in three months or it may be a full-stack, multi-client system that we iteratively build features on over time. We only take on quality projects and we work in many different industries (check out some examples). The minimum project length is three months, and a typical project spans a six-month timeframe. A Stable Kernel developer can expect to be part of a team that ships two-three applications – from inception – per year.

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We’re our client’s product team, so a developer is expected to contribute by conducting research and suggesting features that benefit the products we build, and the underlying client business case. We work in an agile environment, carefully selecting tools for issue management, testing, continuous integration and deployment, crash reporting and customer feedback that allow developers and our UX/UI team to focus on creating successful software products. All of our projects are accompanied by our in-house UX/UI and project management teams.

When not working directly on client projects, our developers contribute to our open-source (and some closed-source) frameworks and tools. Our tools and frameworks are our differentiator and allow developers to sink their teeth into solving higher-level problems that build their skill set and contribute to the overall ability of the company.

We expect a candidate to come to us with a depth of knowledge and experience in a particular framework, such as iOS or Android. We will also train developers on 1-2 more frameworks because we believe a developer is an expert when he or she can see a solution from many perspectives. Whether you’re a junior developer still learning the ropes or a senior developer looking to maximize their experience, stable|kernel offers a unique opportunity for growth.

Our team has consistently given Stable Kernel a phenomenal Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS).
We have a 100 rating.
Come grow with one of Atlanta’s “Best Places to Work.”


Joe Conway

CEO & Founder at Stable Kernel

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