In my previous post, I explored internal or enterprise apps and their value to businesses across all industries. Now, we’ll look at examples of current enterprise mobile apps that are improving business operations and producing real results for Comcast and ExxonMobil.

Comcast Leverages Mobile to Improve Customer Service

The growing age of online TV and streaming caused Comcast the loss of a significant amount of cable subscribers. Furthermore, the company was notoriously known for ranking at the bottom of customer satisfaction polls, affecting their overall reputation. As a result, the cable provider sought to restore its image and grow its customer base. Comcast’s mission was clear: it needed to find a way to connect with its customers to improve customer service and increase sales. So the company rolled out a new ‘customer first’ plan to ensure it was meeting customer’s needs and delighting them along the way. The plan paved the way for a mobile focus to ensure that customers were being treated optimally. 

Tech ETA

The most critical mission for companies in just 3 years from now, according to a recent Adobe report, will be the use of enterprise mobile apps to improve customer service. And Comcast is a primary example of a company that used enterprise apps for competitive gain. Comcast leveraged mobile to improve the customer relationship, operations and cut costs with the Tech ETA app. The app is an extension of the Comcast My Account app. It allows customers to track their technician’s location and view an estimated time of arrival. This piece of technology increases customer satisfaction with technicians, by improving the brand perception of Comcast and empowering customers to feel in control of managing their time while waiting for a technician.  

Internally, technicians update their status to give more precise timing to customers as they approach the destination through the app. Initial updates contain a picture of the technician to build familiarity and let customers know who to expect. The app also provides customers a feedback section so Comcast can track exactly what makes each experience enjoyable to accurately define what the company can do to improve their service. With this information, Comcast better understands when to upsell add-on products or services. The measurement is based on ‘customer satisfaction,’ providing actionable results that directly affect their customer service ratings.

The results? Comcast narrowed down the technician appointment windows by 50%, from 4 to 2 hours, and increased its on-time arrival rate to 97% in 2016. Comcast’s investment into mobile to improve customer service provided the results they desired with a simple internal app addition.


ExxonMobil Reimagines Recruitment with Mobile

ExxonMobil needed a fresh approach to recruiting new talent and connecting with potential hires in a more interactive manner. Its HR group approached Public and Government Affairs because they wanted a new recruiting tool that not only stood out to prospective hires but also delivered easily updated information in a consistent voice. ExxonMobil decided to leverage mobile as the recruitment tool to engage potential hires with the brand and offer a modern experience fit for a younger generation. It was also important for the mobile experience to mimic the website, to keep a consistent voice and tone. So, they created the Working with ExxonMobil app for both prospective hires and recruiters.

The app is a digital resource that offers information on:

  • A company overview of ExxonMobil
  • The Houston Campus
  • Career Opportunities
  • Benefits
  • Industry-leading technology
  • Corporate structure

The app serves as a digital brochure with a user-friendly, comprehensive experience that potential hires can easily interact with. It has been developed for use on any iOS or Android devices on both mobile phones as well as tablets to offer more accessibility to everyone.

The App’s Impact

The Working with ExxonMobil app has made a strong impact across the nation. Recruiters have even noted additional benefits not originally anticipated. The app has simplified communications by consolidating brochures and as a result, reduced printing costs. Furthermore, HR is leveraging the app to support its onboarding efforts to give new hires insight and information on working at ExxonMobil. The tool also helps to facilitate conversations with prospective employees and recruiters who can explore ExxonMobil and its opportunities before and after interviews. The pre-exposure to essential information maximizes the time spent during interviews so recruits have more time to determine whether the candidate is the right fit and the best talent for the company to succeed. 

However, this is just the beginning of mobile solutions for ExxonMobil; the team plans to continue exploring enterprise apps for different use cases within the company. During the creation of the Working with ExxonMobil app, the energy titan revealed newfound opportunities to communicate corporate and employment information to external parties with mobile and they plan to use that knowledge to their advantage.

The next post in this series will cover how to implement a sound enterprise mobile app strategy and the considerations you need to take before diving in.  

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