Clutch, a company that identifies leading software and professional services firms that deliver results for their clients, recently named stable|kernel a leading app developer in Atlanta! We’re thrilled to receive this recognition and to be listed among other great companies in our area.

In order to be considered among the best and make it onto their “Leaders Matrix,” we had to perform well in Clutch’s methodology, which evaluates companies on their market presence, accolades, previous experience, and most importantly, client reviews. These client reviews are conducted by Clutch analysts in order to remain as objective and accurate as possible. We have some amazing clients in our portfolio that had wonderful things to say about us.


stable|kernel’s passion for the project was by far the biggest thing that impressed me… They actually turned down larger, more financially stable clients that offered mundane work.”

 “The quality and thoughtfulness of the work seem so much better than other mobile development houses that I’ve been around… stable|kernel never sold us anything. They showed us their capabilities and their work, but nothing more.”

“They had a creative way of thinking about how we should build our solution. It was a big part of why they won the work. I’ve been very happy with our collaboration.”

We pride ourselves on providing the best solutions for our clients and we strive to remain at the forefront of digital innovation. Our unique approach to development allows us to produce high-quality solutions for Android and iOS, with web services that are custom built to integrate seamlessly with mobile platforms.


To learn more about how we were evaluated and to read the above reviews in full-length, visit our profile on Clutch. You can also find us on their Boutique App Developers page.

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