The combination of research, design, and development here at Stable Kernel helps us ensure our great clients ultimately receive great software they deserve. With our expertise in data-driven research, product strategy, software development, and UI/UX design, our team leverages expert knowledge and experience to better businesses and create stronger brand relationships with its users. It is this commitment to creating and driving success that has garnered us acclaim, as Clutch and The Manifest recently named our team one of the top app developers in  Atlanta.


We highly appreciate this recognition of our overall service and performance as a testament to our innovation and dedication. The Manifest and Clutch are sister business insight firms that score companies based on market presence, client satisfaction and feedback, and experience. Our team values having our products, skills, and solutions highlighted both as an individual company and as an industry leader in comparison to other firms within software development.

We also would like to acknowledge the support that our clients have offered through their positive reviews on our Clutch profile. As a company centered around serving our clients, bettering businesses and communities, and ensuring quality, we are glad to hear that our partners recognize our focuses and have found our approach to be successful.

“Stable Kernel’s passion for the project was by far the biggest thing that impressed me,” touted one client. “There were many firms out there who said they could help us, but the passion didn’t come through. Stable Kernel was excited about what we were trying to do, and that came through. They actually turned down larger, more financially stable clients that offered mundane work. They said, ‘Look, you guys are a startup, but you’re doing something really cool. This is industry changing, so we’d rather work with you guys.’ That made a huge difference.”

“The quality and thoughtfulness of the work seem so much better than other mobile development houses that I’ve been around. Mobile development houses are trying to sell a service. Stable Kernel never sold us anything. They showed us their capabilities and their work, but nothing more. They asked us what we wanted to accomplish and if they were the right people for the job,” shared the second client.  “What I saw from them was a genuine interest in the idea of helping kids find their closest free food. They loved the output. They loved the use of the app and to see that emotional connection really mattered. They honored our request for at-cost production completely with no pushback, no questions, no nothing. The whole experience as a customer was terrific. I don’t remember anything that caused me to say I wish they’d done this, that, or the other thing. It was extremely smooth.”

We treat every project and client with the utmost care, concern, and consideration, and our team is always excited to tackle a new challenge, create a new solution, and give great brands the great software and designs that they deserve. If you want to hear more about our successes and stories, please reach out and connect with us; we’d love to discuss our thoughts and yours, and we look forward to pursuing more projects in the future!

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