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The Rise of 5G Mobile and Its Impact on Software

What if I told you we were on the brink of a revolution comparable to the introduction of electricity and the automobile? Would you believe me? Electricity offered us the speed of light, and the automobile advanced the speed of travel. But, according to industry experts, 5G mobile will revolutionize the speed of connectivity. The […]

CES 2018: How the future IoT and 5G Will Impact Business

This year’s CES in Las Vegas was yet another stellar display of consumer technologies, and an exciting indication of the opportunities they present to various industries. With a laser-focus on tech advancements that affect our clients, I’ll break down the who, what and why of the new product announcements and offer some insight into the […]


stable|kernel Partners with Israeli FinTech Giant OurCrowd

We are proud to announce our latest partnership with OurCrowd – one of Israel’s leading high tech venture capital firms. OurCrowd is a world-renowned equity crowdfunding platform for investing in global startups ranging from healthcare to autonomous cars to cybersecurity and beyond. The Israeli powerhouse has democratized investments into the top startups, connecting companies like […]


Solving Real Business Challenges with Enterprise Apps

In my previous post, I explored internal or enterprise apps and their value to businesses across all industries. Now, we’ll look at examples of current enterprise mobile apps that are improving business operations and producing real results for Comcast and ExxonMobil. Comcast Leverages Mobile to Improve Customer Service The growing age of online TV and […]


The Untapped Value of Enterprise Mobile Apps

There are infinite opportunities to improve businesses with enterprise mobile apps; they come in many shapes and sizes and are different for every company. Enterprise apps are revolutionizing the mobile landscape by improving workforces across ALL industries. And if you are not already implementing the use of internal apps, you’re missing out on a lucrative […]