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Building Something Special: stable|kernel Moves to The Willoughby

Building Something Special. It seems to be an almost annual rite of passage for fast-growing tech companies to pack their boxes and drive their monitors to slightly bigger office spaces. There’s excitement about working around someone’s dining room table in the early days, and then hesitantly pulling the trigger on a proper rental, banking on […]

Sky Squid Squads – An Evolution

Last week, the stable|kernel Sky Squid Squad leaders strolled up the BeltLine together in search of “tiny sandwiches” and some good conversation about the evolution of our Sky Squid Squads. I’ll come back to that lunch in a moment, but I acknowledge there’s a good chance you’re asking yourself, “What the heck is a Sky […]


How to Stay Focused and Get a Shit-ton Done

Between Slack, fun-loving and curious colleagues, meetings, emails and other distractions, how to stay focused on getting that primary thing called work done at work can be hard. And, there are the unrelenting demands of the work itself. For most of us, the endless pulls on our attention can induce something close to madness. But […]


SkySquid Teaches Us the Value of Playing at Work

The stable|kernel team takes their work very seriously. In fact, our very name nods to the importance of building mobile applications on precise, stable foundations because, without them, our software and our clients’ futures are at risk. This is the complex and time-consuming work that we love, and we pride ourselves on fostering an environment where this […]


How to Foster a Growth Mindset

Fostering a growth mindset may be the most valuable thing you can do this year. You’ll soon gain a full understanding of what it means to embrace a growth mindset and you’ll be given the tools to practice this skill at work in order to keep this proficiency sharp.

Are Your Company Values Actually Valuable?

On one of your company’s walls, in an employee handbook, or in a PowerPoint deck on someone’s hard drive there is probably a list of your company’s values. Company values that someone was feeling passionate about as they were selecting and articulating them.

stable|kernel’s Words to Live By: The Year of Values

At the end of last year, I was substantially moved by Stephanie Zamora’s piece in the Huffington Post titled, “Choosing Your Guiding Word for 2016.” She argues that many of the resolutions we adopt with the intention of transforming our lives are often forgotten about simply because they are too massive to hold in the […]