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Aqueduct 3.2 is Now Available

Aqueduct 3.2.0 is now available on pub. This release adds better support for ingesting request bodies into objects. See the changelog for a complete list of changes. Adding Serializable.read In previous versions of Aqueduct, serializable objects (such as ManagedObject) implemented and invoked readFromMap to ingest key-value pairs into a structured object. In Aqueduct 3.2 and […]

The Business Case for Google’s Flutter

Every company uses software that is critical to their business, but most companies are not software companies. Building and supporting software requires software engineers and technical leadership. Hiring software engineers for a software company is often easier than for a non-software company for all of the reasons you can probably think of yourself. The same […]

Dart on the Server: Aqueduct 3 for Dart 2

Aqueduct 3.0 for Dart 2.0 is now available on pub.dartlang.org. This major version update introduces many powerful, new features and makes moderate changes to some existing APIs. The release of Aqueduct 3.0 coincides with the release of Dart 2.0, a major change to the Dart language. Additionally, the framework and command line tool are now […]


SSL Termination and Load Balancing in Kubernetes Clusters

In the past, acquiring SSL certificates, setting up domain names and load balancing HTTP traffic were labor-intensive tasks. With Let’s Encrypt, Nginx and Kubernetes, you can automate a lot of this. (If you’re just getting started with Kubernetes, read this setup guide.) kube-lego kube-lego is a daemon that runs in a cluster. When you deploy […]


Four Fundamental Strategies for Building an IoT System

This article was originally published in IoT Journal on September 20, 2017. The Internet of Things (IoT) is no foreign topic to CIOs, IT professionals and developers in the software world. Gartner research has reported that more than 6.4 billion devices are currently connected, and according to our 2017 “Technology and the Human Condition” survey […]

Aqueduct 2.3.0: User-based Scoping, ORM Aggregate Functions

This post details new exciting features for Aqueduct for Dart. Aqueduct 2.3.0 is now available on pub. This release offers additional behavior for the ORM and authorization libraries. A new, optional method in AuthStorage allows you to limit scope based on some attribute of a user. For example, you might restrict certain scopes to only users that have admin privileges. […]

Aqueduct 2.2: Files, Streams and Caching

Here’s the latest in all things Aqueduct for Dart. Aqueduct 2.2 is now available on pub. This release’s primary focus is on request and response bodies. Request bodies can now be bound to HTTPController variables: class ThingController extends HTTPController { @httpPost Future<Response> createThing(@HTTPBody() Thing thing) async { var query = new Query<Thing>()..values = thing; return […]

Aqueduct 2.1: Data Validation

The latest in Aqueduct for Dart news. The most recent release of the Dart server-side framework Aqueduct adds behavior for validating data before it is inserted or updated in a database and fixes issues when running on Windows OS.

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Now Hiring Mobile Developers: Why you should work at stable|kernel

stable|kernel is developer-focused consulting company located on the BeltLine in Atlanta, GA. Our mission is to guide our team to become better programmers, communicators and business strategists. Founded by Joe Conway, whose award-winning iOS programming book has trained hundreds of thousands of developers over the last 7 years, stable|kernel invests heavily in deepening and broadening […]