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How to Fade Out Content Using Gradients in iOS

Scroll views are a great way to get more content on a screen than can actually fit, especially for smaller devices. However, it can be difficult for users to tell that they are able to scroll for more content without some other visual indication. Fading out the edge of the content is a clean, simple way […]

How to Keep Clean Style Code in Swift

Let’s talk about how to keep a clean style code in Swift. You’ve just finished your new app, and you go to show it off to a friend, and they say “Those red buttons look kind of harsh. What if you changed them all to be blue instead?” Your heart sinks, especially if you’re using […]

When to Use Value Types and Reference Types in Swift

Let’s talk about Value Types and Reference Types in Swift. Since Apple released Swift, there has been a lot of attention paid to value types. Especially coming from Objective-C where almost everything is a class (reference type), the fact that Swift’s standard library is mostly made up of value types is a big deal.