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How Data Science is Transforming Business Operations

Every organization likely has data or potential data sources that are not YET being collected. Often, they recognize the importance of data science, but don’t fully understand its value or how to make sense of it. Through data science, we can glean useful information and uncover insights that can be used to understand an organization’s […]

How We Continue To Stay Client-Inspired 5 Years Later

Today, stable|kernel marks our 5th birthday. I say “our” rather than “its” because as a company, stable|kernel really is the sum of the people who are part of this organization. From CEO Joe to brand-new UX team member Kaitlyn, stable|kernel’s heart is its people and what keeps us going is our commitment to both our […]

How Emerging Tech Opens New Conversations

A few weeks ago, Dana Xavier Dojnik asked me to join an emerging tech panel of women at the VR/AR Atlanta Meetup. Dana is a strategist at You Are Here, one of stable|kernel’s agency partners. I also was joined by VR visionary Cathy Hackl (VR Evangelist at HTC Vive), Nikkia Adolphe (PR Director at Media […]


How Does Virtual Reality Impact the Human Condition?

Humans naturally crave connections with each other. Today, augmented reality (AR) and VR can provide enhanced realities that help foster those relationships, especially for those who are isolated. Though, the extent to which AR and VR contribute to deeper connections largely depend on how the technology is used. Our 2017 Technology and the Human Condition […]


How To Create A Successful Mobile Loyalty Program

Why is a brand loyalty program so important? We know it’s far easier to get repeat business from existing customers – but brands still spend up to 80 percent of their marketing budgets acquiring new customers. Customer retention is where the dollars are – 27 percent of customers that make one purchase in-store will likely return. That number jumps […]


6 Reasons an Attraction Mobile App is the Ultimate Marketing Tool

American attractions face an increasing number of challenges as competition for visitors, membership dollars, charitable gifts and brand recognition rises. Destinations once at the top of any tourist’s trip itinerary must find new ways to stay top-of-mind with visitors and membership alike, and many organizations are accomplishing this through a robust, native mobile app.