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Back to the Basics: Time Management 101

In today’s world, technology brings both conveniences and distractions to our lives. I personally have more productive and satisfying days when I use checklists. However, there are others who seem equally as productive and efficient without a list to guide them. Regardless of your style, my goal is to review the basics of time management […]

The Importance of Agile Release & Iteration Planning

In project management, your daily goal is to move the development needle along while monitoring and controlling costs without compromising quality. The best way to accomplish the task at hand is by having an agile release roadmap to better assist development efforts. Hopefully, by the end of this blog, you will be better prepared to […]

How Changes Impact Your MVP and Release

There’s one thing that is inevitable for even the best project or product managers out there, and that’s “change.” This single word is packed with a ton of power: some good and some bad. Change is a gate. Think of a gate to a military installation or the White House. It must be controlled and […]


Why You Need a Roadmap for Agile Development

Either you or someone you know has received a “Houston, we have a problem” email indicating that the company has taken a hit in online visibility because it doesn’t have a mobile app for their consumers. But, in order to develop an app that gets you where you need to go, with the least burden, you’ll […]