2018 is the Year of IoT in Manufacturing

Many industry analysts have designated 2018 as the Year of IoT in the Manufacturing industry. With the exponential growth of “smart factories,” the manufacturing industry is leading the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution, with benefits…

The Ten Commandments of a Meeting

So let’s talk about everyone’s favorite subject: meetings. In lieu of springtime, let’s do a little spring training and brush up on some proper meeting etiquette. Lock enough people in a room for long enough and things start to get weird.…

CES 2018: How the future IoT and 5G Will Impact Business

This year’s CES in Las Vegas was yet another stellar display of consumer technologies, and an exciting indication of the opportunities they present to various industries. With a laser-focus on tech advancements that affect our clients, I’ll…

stable|kernel Partners with Israeli FinTech Giant OurCrowd

We are proud to announce our latest partnership with OurCrowd - one of Israel’s leading high tech venture capital firms. OurCrowd is a world-renowned equity crowdfunding platform for investing in global startups ranging from healthcare to…

stable|kernel Named to Clutch's Top Atlanta UX Designers List

2017 has been an amazing year for stable|kernel. We’ve worked with stellar clients, hired accomplished new employees, created cutting-edge mobile products and the icing on the cake? We were recently announced by Clutch as a top Atlanta UX…

Agile Development: Defined, Explored, Applied

Agile is more than just a fancy Buzzword. Where did it come from? What does it really mean? How can you best use it to maximize success? In early 2001 (I still say that in my head like it was a few years ago), a group of developers met in…

3 Brands Destined to Dominate the Holidays with Emerging Mobile Tech

Black Friday. Cyber Monday. The biggest shopping days of the year are around the corner. Are retailers ready? Do these brands have smart tech in place to increase orders, streamline operations, offer exceptional customer service to ultimately…

How to Stay Focused and Get a Shit-ton Done

Between Slack, fun-loving and curious colleagues, meetings, emails and other distractions, how to stay focused on getting that primary thing called work done at work can be hard. And, there are the unrelenting demands of the work itself. For…

Solving Real Business Challenges with Enterprise Apps

In my previous post, I explored internal or enterprise apps and their value to businesses across all industries. Now, we’ll look at examples of current enterprise mobile apps that are improving business operations and producing real results…

The Untapped Value of Enterprise Mobile Apps

There are infinite opportunities to improve businesses with enterprise mobile apps; they come in many shapes and sizes and are different for every company. Enterprise apps are revolutionizing the mobile landscape by improving workforces across…
UNFI mobile app

Optimizing UNFI's Ordering Process with Cutting-edge Tech

Founded in 1996, UNFI is the leading national distributor of natural, organic and specialty foods in the United States and Canada, making more than 60,000 products available to more than 49,000 customers – grocery stores, organic…

The Fox Theatre Builds on a Legacy of Innovation

stable|kernel transformed The Fox Theatre, a historic venue, into an innovative leader by improving the customer experience and increasing revenue with a mobile app. Explore the benefits of a consumer-facing mobile app and how to solve real…