How Changes Impact Your MVP and Release

There's one thing that is inevitable for even the best project or product managers out there, and that's "change." This single word is packed with a ton of power: some good and some bad. Change is a gate. Think of a gate to a military installation…

Getting Started with App Design and Development

We make decisions during software design and development that will determine the success or failure of our apps. That’s a daunting thought. But many teams like yours look to a team like ours to guide you through the process. Here are some…

Agile Development: Defined, Explored, Applied

Agile is more than just a fancy Buzzword. Where did it come from? What does it really mean? How can you best use it to maximize success? In early 2001 (I still say that in my head like it was a few years ago), a group of developers met in…

Why You Need a Roadmap for Agile Development

Either you or someone you know has received a “Houston, we have a problem” email indicating that the company has taken a hit in online visibility because it doesn’t have a mobile app for their consumers. But, in order to develop an app…

The Business Case for Good Software Architecture

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In this post, I’ll explore the value and business case for good software architecture. If you've worked with a programmer, you know that we tend to take strong stands on seemingly small or unimportant things, and we like to talk about the…

High-Level Differences Between MMP & MVP Product Development Strategy

We’re often approached by potential clients of all sizes: Fortune 500s, enterprises, startups, small businesses, etc. Though all need a mobile app to solve a problem, each of these potential clients presents major differences in how we might…

Rescuing Your App From the Technical Debt Spiral

Bad Performance. A term familiar in the worlds of business, finance, education, entertainment and sports, and also not a pleasant one to hear. With the growing maturation and saturation of the use of mobile apps, avoiding bad performance…

Finishing Strong: Approaching App Launch With Confidence

Let's talk about app launch. Finishing a development project strong and launching an app successfully is about more than just crossing the finish line by releasing the app to the public. With our strong desire to establish long-term partnerships…

The Fundamental Principles Of Consulting: Part II

For Part II of this post on the principles of consulting, we’ll be focusing on the two final principles that best embody our values, culture and consulting approach: Collaborative and Diligent.   In describing our collaborative and diligent…

The Fundamental Principles Of Consulting: Part I

This is the first post in a series on the fundamental principles of consulting. Building software is a creative endeavor that has no guarantees. Rather, we at stable|kernel aim for designing an interface and user experience that is engaging…

NOT SCRUM but Not Scrum Never

In my previous post, I talked about the greatness of Consultancy Scrum. One month later and I’m still happy with the decision to implement it and then adjust the methodologies to fit stable|kernel. The major adjustment mentioned previously…