5g mobile

The Rise of 5G Mobile and Its Impact on Software

What if I told you we were on the brink of a revolution comparable to the introduction of electricity and the automobile? Would you believe me? Electricity offered us the speed of light, and the automobile advanced the speed of travel. But,…

The Future of Computing is On-Device Machine Learning

The iPhone XS was released on Friday, and I believe the most significant change from the iPhone X is not the new gold color or even the new screen size. It is the new A12 Bionic system on a chip, and specifically the new Neural Engine that…

Why Enterprises Should Take Tech Notes From Airbnb

A month ago, Airbnb, a company we keep a close eye on for design and product inspiration, announced they were sunsetting React Native, a hybrid approach to mobile development. As a primarily native mobile development agency, we found this news…

Why Your Development Team Always Needs Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is a term that seems familiar to many, but is frequently misunderstood. Merriam-Webster defines the term as “a program for the systematic monitoring and evaluation of the various aspects of a project, service, or facility…

A Love Letter - From Custom Apps, To Enterprise Operations

Dear Enterprise Operations, I’m writing to confess my undying love for you. I am a Custom Application, and I yearn to be your forever partner.   I first heard about you when I was out with some friends. You sounded so fascinating…

Stack Overflow Developer Survey: How Does s|k Stack Up?

Here at stable|kernel, we take our engineering culture seriously. Continuous improvement of both ourselves and our collective attitudes toward software development is one of our core values. With this in mind, when the annual Stack Overflow…

SSL Termination and Load Balancing in Kubernetes Clusters

In the past, acquiring SSL certificates, setting up domain names and load balancing HTTP traffic were labor-intensive tasks. With Let's Encrypt, Nginx and Kubernetes, you can automate a lot of this. (If you're just getting started with Kubernetes,…

An Introduction to Kubernetes

Kubernetes is an open-source system for automagically managing your devops. The official term Kubernetes uses is production-grade container orchestration. It automates deployment and scaling and was developed by Google to help manage its applications. Image…

Deploying Full-Stack Dart Applications on Google Cloud Using Docker and Kubernetes

This blog post is going to cover a deployment process for a full-stack Dart application. For the frontend, we will be using AngularDart and for the backend Aqueduct. I'm not going to be getting into the Dart code itself, just the deployment.…

The Notch Between Us: How Seeing Depth Brings Us Closer

I've had my iPhone X for over a month now and have been overall very pleased with it. One of the unique features of this device is the controversial Notch. The protrusion onto the otherwise all-screen device can be considered unattractive but…

Getting Started with App Design and Development

We make decisions during software design and development that will determine the success or failure of our apps. That’s a daunting thought. But many teams like yours look to a team like ours to guide you through the process. Here are some…

3 Brands Destined to Dominate the Holidays with Emerging Mobile Tech

Black Friday. Cyber Monday. The biggest shopping days of the year are around the corner. Are retailers ready? Do these brands have smart tech in place to increase orders, streamline operations, offer exceptional customer service to ultimately…