How Much Does a Mobile App Cost?

Potential clients come to us with a litany of questions prior to engagement: What’s your process? Should I build a native or a mobile web app? Is all development done in-house? We see all of the questions. But, by a large margin, the most…

Life Lessons I've Learned from Software Development

I’ve spent the last 1.5 years in the depths of the software development industry, albeit as a digital marketer, but regardless I’ve lived, breathed and studied the likes of it to better understand my industry. In this short time, I’ve…

How To Create A Successful Mobile Loyalty Program

Why is a brand loyalty program so important? We know it’s far easier to get repeat business from existing customers – but brands still spend up to 80 percent of their marketing budgets acquiring new customers. Customer retention…

How Apple Changed The World 10 Years Ago

Today, the best-selling product in history turns 10 years old. On June 29, 2007, the original iPhone went on sale and changed the world forever. Even though Apple has sold more than 1 billion iPhones over the past 10 years, not all of the current…

The Business Case for Good Software Architecture

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In this post, I’ll explore the value and business case for good software architecture. If you've worked with a programmer, you know that we tend to take strong stands on seemingly small or unimportant things, and we like to talk about the…

iOS Developer Takeaways from WWDC 2017

This year, I had the opportunity to attend WWDC 2017, and it was quite possibly one of the most exciting years Apple has had in awhile. Apple updated all of their software platforms and gave us some cool, new frameworks and hardware. As a developer,…

High-Level Differences Between MMP & MVP Product Development Strategy

We’re often approached by potential clients of all sizes: Fortune 500s, enterprises, startups, small businesses, etc. Though all need a mobile app to solve a problem, each of these potential clients presents major differences in how we might…

10 Badass UX/UI Designers and Mobile Developers You Need To Know

As employees at a mobile development consultancy, we are filled with learning opportunities every day, and our iOS and Android software developers and UX/UI designers credit many talented individuals who have paved the way for our industry. Here’s…

Developer Tips: How to Architect Your First Android Mobile App

In this post, I'll cover how to make an Android To Do application that keeps track of your tasks. Let's begin with first addressing Android Data binding, which is a powerful technique that can help you remove boilerplate code, letting the code…

Developer Predictions for Apple's WWDC 2017

Apple's WWDC is less than a month away, and we are super excited. I was lucky enough to get a ticket in the lottery, and I can’t wait to see the new innovations Apple’s been working on. So what do I expect will be announced at WWDC 2017?…

6 Reasons an Attraction Mobile App is the Ultimate Marketing Tool

American attractions face an increasing number of challenges as competition for visitors, membership dollars, charitable gifts and brand recognition rises. Destinations once at the top of any tourist’s trip itinerary must find new ways to…

The 10 Best App Features to Enhance CX at National Attractions

The name of the mobile game is to enhance the customer experience (CX) and if you haven’t nailed it yet, you are likely one of the thousands of brands working toward it. Museums, sports arenas and other attractions around the world are vying…