5g mobile

The Rise of 5G Mobile and Its Impact on Software

What if I told you we were on the brink of a revolution comparable to the introduction of electricity and the automobile? Would you believe me? Electricity offered us the speed of light, and the automobile advanced the speed of travel. But,…
data science

How Data Science is Transforming Business Operations

Every organization likely has data or potential data sources that are not YET being collected. Often, they recognize the importance of data science, but don’t fully understand its value or how to make sense of it. Through data science, we…
data strategy

Why Every Company Needs a Data Strategy

The Digital Revolution is the most significant change in how businesses operate since the Industrial Revolution. Data is the driving force behind this revolution, and like electricity, it powers everything from analysis to machine learning.…

Why Enterprises Should Take Tech Notes From Airbnb

A month ago, Airbnb, a company we keep a close eye on for design and product inspiration, announced they were sunsetting React Native, a hybrid approach to mobile development. As a primarily native mobile development agency, we found this news…

stable|kernel Named Top App Developer in Atlanta for the 3rd Year

The combination of research, design, and development here at stable|kernel helps us ensure our great clients ultimately receive great software they deserve. With our expertise in data-driven research, product strategy, software development,…

Why Your Development Team Always Needs Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is a term that seems familiar to many, but is frequently misunderstood. Merriam-Webster defines the term as “a program for the systematic monitoring and evaluation of the various aspects of a project, service, or facility…

2018 is the Year of IoT in Manufacturing

Many industry analysts have designated 2018 as the Year of IoT in the Manufacturing industry. With the exponential growth of “smart factories,” the manufacturing industry is leading the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution, with benefits…

Stack Overflow Developer Survey: How Does s|k Stack Up?

Here at stable|kernel, we take our engineering culture seriously. Continuous improvement of both ourselves and our collective attitudes toward software development is one of our core values. With this in mind, when the annual Stack Overflow…

How Emerging Tech Opens New Conversations

A few weeks ago, Dana Xavier Dojnik asked me to join an emerging tech panel of women at the VR/AR Atlanta Meetup. Dana is a strategist at You Are Here, one of stable|kernel’s agency partners. I also was joined by VR visionary Cathy Hackl (VR…

stable|kernel Partners with Israeli FinTech Giant OurCrowd

We are proud to announce our latest partnership with OurCrowd - one of Israel’s leading high tech venture capital firms. OurCrowd is a world-renowned equity crowdfunding platform for investing in global startups ranging from healthcare to…

The Notch Between Us: How Seeing Depth Brings Us Closer

I've had my iPhone X for over a month now and have been overall very pleased with it. One of the unique features of this device is the controversial Notch. The protrusion onto the otherwise all-screen device can be considered unattractive but…

iPhone X and the Future of Computing

Today, Apple released the iPhone X (Ten). I picked one up this morning and wanted to share some quick thoughts on how this new iPhone and Face ID, in particular, represents the future of computing. The most important piece of technology in…