How 4 OEMs Use Mobile Technology to Transform the Auto Industry

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Vehicle purchases are not impulsive decisions and can often be an emotional process for the auto buyer. It typically takes months for an individual to make the decision to purchase a new vehicle, conduct research about various makes and models,…
apple's 2016 announcement

Apple's 2016 Announcement - What This Means for iOS Developers

People from around the world tuned into the latest updates from the mobile mogul. The announcements ranged from social initiatives to the upcoming release of the new iPhone SE though there was no sign of any revolutionary change. Privacy Apple…
developer mobile predictions 2016

Developers Talk Mobile Predictions for 2016

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Now that we have entered 2016, experts in the industry are predicting what they believe will be the hot topics of mobile this year. Some of our team of developers and designers also have an opinion. Here’s what they had to say: Ross Hambrick,…
internet of things

7 Future Predictions for the Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) seems to be taking daily headlines in technology news. From connected cars, homes, businesses and more, we know connected devices will become more prevalent in our lives in the following years. Even with all the…

Life as a stable|kernel intern

Before I started as s stable|kernel intern, I considered myself to be a “good” programmer. Over the course of a couple of years, I harnessed my ingenuity and persistence to teach myself Android development and database management. I…

Mobile's Power to Impact Healthcare

Historically, healthcare has benefitted from a wide variety of innovation and advancements – from surgical anesthetic and antisepsis to clean water to antibiotics and antivirals to vaccines to X-ray technology. Today, mobile healthcare is…

Client Rheem EcoNet App Debuts at IBS 2015

Over the last year and a half, stable|kernel has worked with Rheem Manufacturing, the industry leader for total heating, cooling and water heating solutions. In order to differentiate itself as a technology-forward company, Rheem tasked…

Dana Barrett Show: Mobile Apps for Increased Productivity

Yesterday Joe joined the Dana Barrett Show in studio at Biz1190 in Buckhead to talk mobile apps for #TechTuesday. Listen to the Dana Barrett Show program: Some highlights: "To me, mobile apps are tools. In the beginning, we had a lot…

Native, Web & Hybrid: Let’s Talk About Mobile Apps

Last month in our “Mobile Apps: An Overview” post, I mentioned we’d take a look at the differences in native vs. web vs. hybrid apps in a future blog post. Well, my friends, the future is now. As mentioned, native apps are written…

iOS vs Android; Fanboys vs Phandroids

It’s not a new argument. Windows vs Mac, Microsoft vs Apple. And now for the battle of the smartphones. Continuing from our previous post. iPhone and Android own the lion’s share of the smartphone market in the U.S. – nearly…