Now Hiring Mobile Developers: Our Hiring Process

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We’re hiring mobile developers. You probably want to know what our hiring process looks like. After applying, a selected candidate will receive a phone interview to assess their experience in their primary platform, tools and processes.

Then, select candidates will be invited to have a one-hour in-person interview. The first half of this interview will be a hands-on developer exercise that ensures a candidate understands how to create layouts, make web service calls and implement controller logic in their platform. If you have a development machine, please bring that, otherwise, we will provide a laptop with Xcode/Android Studio installed. The second half of the interview consists of topics like application structure and working within a process on a team.

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Our goal in the interview process is to pragmatically assess a candidate’s ability to contribute in an environment similar to the everyday experience of working at stable|kernel – a collaborative space where you will be able to ask questions and have a network of support. There are no high-pressure, brain-teaser questions on a whiteboard – that’s not what this job is, and that’s not what you will be tested on.

Our team has consistently given stable|kernel a phenomenal Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS).
We have a 100 rating.
Come grow with one of Atlanta’s “Best Places to Work.”


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