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Your go-to place for finding Stable Kernel’s internal programming for creating an impactful culture

Stable Kernel’s work environment is healthy, intentional, and collaborative. Through our internal programming, we strive to make Stable Kernel a place where you can thrive.

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What is a provocation? Provocations, provoke! They provoke thoughts, discussions, questions, interests, creativity, and ideas. Our provocations connect our Kernelers to our company values and how we work together at SK. 

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SK Academy

Here at SK, we love to learn. It is one of our values! So SK Academy promotes company-wide professional growth through an engaging series of learning & sharing that are presented by our employees and special guest speakers.

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Wellness Initiatives

Wellness is important to us at SK. Our mindfulness and yoga sessions help us incorporate strategies to build compassion, manage stress, and increase our resilience in the workplace and in life. 

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