Aqueduct - An Open-Source, Server-Side Web Framework Written in Dart

Today, we launch a new product called Aqueduct, an open-source server-side web framework written in Dart. Why did we choose Dart? Simply put, Dart is built for productivity. And now, so is Aqueduct for Dart. Updated 3/7/16: We've just released…

Reading YAML Configuration Files in Dart

Let's talk about reading YAML configuration files in Dart. Nearly any dart:io application is going to have a configuration file for values that are different across instances and environments. While deploying a dart:io application is really…

Dart: A Simple, Elegant Language Programmers Will Love

Let's talk about how we fell in love with Google Dart. In just a few short years, RESTful web services have become the standard for inter-application communication. As such, there are thousands of platforms that developers use to write…