The Business Case for Google's Flutter

Every company uses software that is critical to their business, but most companies are not software companies. Building and supporting software requires software engineers and technical leadership. Hiring software engineers for a software company…
aqueduct 3

Dart on the Server: Aqueduct 3 for Dart 2

Aqueduct 3.0 for Dart 2.0 is now available on This major version update introduces many powerful, new features and makes moderate changes to some existing APIs. The release of Aqueduct 3.0 coincides with the release of Dart…

Our Takeaways from Dart Developer Summit 2016

In October, stable|kernel CEO Joe Conway and VP of Engineering Ross Hambrick debuted Aqueduct, our server-side web framework written in Dart, at Google’s Dart Developer Summit 2016. For two days, #dartlang enthusiasts worldwide tuned in and…