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The Iceberg: Understanding the Depth of your Mobile Software Partner

Many people have often heard of or referred to the Iceberg Illusion of Success. Basically, you see a successful person and all the outward representations of their success, but you only have a surface-level understanding of what it took to get…
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Best Practices for Testing Your Mobile Software

Testing your mobile software is something developers know is important, but is also typically pushed to the end of the development cycle. Because the benefits of testing are not usually realized until post-development, it's easy to prioritize…

How to Build an App Like Romans Built a City: Part II

Don't miss my first blog in this series: How to Build an App Like Romans Built a City: Part I. In Part II, we'll explore how our metaphor follows along with the rest of the mobile app design and development process - specifically Integrations,…
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Software Development: Applying Consultancy Scrum

Determining the right software development life cycle at a young consultancy can be a challenging process. Searching my toolbox for a process that fits the team’s size, varying product owner involvement and rapidly evolving product offerings…