The Opportunity

The Fox team knew they were missing a level of service in long concession lines during a show. But they wanted a solution that would do more than just shorten lines; they wanted to enrich the guest experience and find new ways for visitors to interact with the theatre.

The Solution

After months of research, user interviews, design and development, the iconic venue leveraged technology to drive revenue and establish deeper brand affinity with guests.


Today, the 89-year-old world-famous theatre continues to search for new ways to deliver on its mission to preserve and share the venue. With its rich history and legacy of innovation, the Fox team and the board of directors decided to explore the use of technology to further enhance the guest experience and drive brand affinity among its fans. They decided that a mobile app was a step in the right direction.

The team wanted to create an experience for patrons that was distinguished from the website and agnostic to the activity on the stage, and they also wanted to increase revenue. However, the Fox team didn’t know how to best deliver on these objectives, so they partnered with Stable Kernel to bring these visions to life.

The thing that stuck out about Stable Kernel was how well they knew our business and how vibrant and exciting their prototype was.

It was totally different from anything we had gotten from anyone else.

Jamie Vosmeier, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, The Fox Theatre
Jamie Vosmeier Vice President of Sales and Marketing, The Fox Theatre


  • Market Research
  • UX/UI Design
  • iOS and Android Development
  • Backend Development

The Fox conducted initial research and discovered the majority of its audience were iOS users so we started building an iOS app first. Our team are avid fans of the historic theatre and well-acquainted with the experience, which helped inform our approach to development. We had a unique guest perspective of the theatre and brought refreshing ideas for improvement to the initial brainstorm. Based on the problems that the Fox was trying to solve, we narrowed down the most effective features and functionality for an MVP.

Something about designing with the Fox’s iconic brand in mind, conducting on-site user testing during a show to solidify our user flows, etc.

Based on our initial user interviews, guests’ most significant pain point was the long lines at the concession stands so we knew building out this feature would be a strong immediate ROI for the Fox Theatre while also fulfilling a true need of a consumer. As a visitor, before the show and during intermission, patrons are forced to either use the restroom or purchase a drink with little time to spare. Our solution offered fans the ability to pre-order drinks in the app and then pick up at a designated concession stand without waiting in line. Now, as intermission nears during a performance, users can open the app and pre-order a drink that will be waiting at a designated concession. Guests can also simply pay in the app by safely saving their card information. The app expedites the process while increasing revenue by reducing the time it takes to make a sale.

Building a strong backend from scratch that would integrate and support the other systems they invested in – POS system, ticketing platform and more that deals with a massive amount of changing data. Also building this backend securely from the beginning set up the project for success for future innovative tech including iBeacons.

First and foremost, you just got us.

We felt important from the very beginning and that was huge. The amount of hard work from all departments shows how much the Stable Kernel wants the software and The Fox to succeed.

Jamie Vosmeier, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, The Fox Theatre
Jamie Vosmeier Vice President of Sales and Marketing, The Fox Theatre
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The guests at the theatre and the board members have given positive feedback about the app. Both parties truly enjoy the virtual tour; they find the photos beautiful and the historical information abundant and engaging. Beyond the virtual tour, guests are relieved and excited about pre-ordering drinks in the app. They find it convenient and easy and enjoy the freedom to have time to use the restroom and purchase drinks during intermission.


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