A Premier QSR

Revolutionizing the customer experience for a beloved QSR.

An established, premier QSR brand with 2,600 locations was on a mission to provide unmatched service to their loyal customers. We knew it would require adopting new technology at a massive scale, but we also recognized this was an opportunity to provide convenience to a large number of customers.

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The Challenge

An opportunity appeared.

At its core, the task from the QSR brand was to improve customer experience, or “CX,” as it relates to how customers place orders. The two areas of focus were order delivery and digital ordering. Even though this brand has instituted dual drive-through lanes and reduced indoor dining accommodations, the astronomical demand for drive-through ordering was causing pressure points. There was also the increasing desire for customers to have more than one way of placing orders, whether it was in-person, through the drive-through, or being delivered. We had to find a way to solve both of these problems.

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The solution

Capitalize on trends and demand.

After analyzing the pain points, we determined that the best way to solve these challenges was to look at their mobile app and online ordering system. The brand had invested in their own fleet of delivery vehicles, eliminating the reliance on third-party delivery companies. This meant additional integration could optimize the delivery process. The mobile app existed on a coding language that wasn’t ideal for modern CX. So we looked to migrate the online ordering system to a more CX friendly code base.

The Process

Something new, something improved.

We worked alongside the brand to create a new internal delivery system that provided automation, which streamlined the process of delivery drivers being dispatched to complete deliveries. This system batched delivery orders and anticipated peak delivery times, resulting in more efficient staffing decisions. The second focus would require an overall of the current digital ordering system and how in-person, drive-through, and delivery orders were managed. The brand wanted to reduce cart abandonment and improve CX for all online orders, whether it was lunch for a family of three or catering for a family reunion.

The Results

Never-before-seen CX.

Through the adoption of a new system and overhaul of an existing app, we were able to surpass the goals laid out by our client. Our internal delivery system increased delivery speeds and ensured more desirable food temperatures for customers. This new, streamlined and automated management system helped generate $4 million per week, based on 250 pilot locations, and the plan grew to include more locations with a goal of $25 million per week by 2025. The overhauled online ordering software led to a 400% increase in online orders in the first week. The average online order increased $4 based on recommendations for adding or upsizing orders. They also saw $229 million in value generated in catering, a 1,000% percent revenue increase.


A story of adopting and enhancing.

Our partnership with this premier QSR brand resulted in a revolutionized customer experience. We were able to change the way their customers interact with them on daily basis and create explosive and sustained growth. Their journey is a testament to what's possible when innovative minds and technology converge. Imagine what Stable Kernel can do for you.

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