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We deliver digital products that turn Android users into evangelists.

Build beautiful apps for the world’s largest mobile operating system.

If you’re not catering to the Android market, you’re missing out on nearly 85% of mobile users, according to Gartner; Android development is no longer a de-prioritized product. One of the biggest challenges to developing Android apps is overcoming its fragmented device ecosystem. To create a seamless experience across every Android device, our developers build native applications to ensure our software works every time on any device. We build for your product’s future, not just the immediate needs of your users.

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Tools & Process

Modern Language

We use Kotlin for its simplicity and stability. Its faster implementation means you’ll save time and money on a stronger product.

UI/UX Best Practices

By adhering to design documentation and the Google product guidelines, we create seamless experiences for all users across all Android devices.


Data drives everything we do. We analyze product usage, demographics, and more to make key decisions about feature development.

Privacy & Security

Relying on third parties to host your code can lead to security vulnerability. With native app development, you can be sure your data is secure and encrypted.

Unit Testing

As we build your application, we audit the code to address any errors prior to launching your product.

Adaptable Methods

Because we work with Fortune 500s, we know how to scale our solutions for companies of any size or industry.

Target Uses Android to Deliver the Holiday Spirit

To increase customer engagement during the holidays,  we partnered with Target to build a multi-channel wishlist experience for its customers. The mega-retailer generated more than 75,000 downloads and over 1.7 million items added to wishlists–a total sales potential of $92.3 million. The real magic of their award-winning holiday app was the way it allowed parents and kids to discover gift ideas together in a new and innovative way.

This was the first time (Target) had successfully gotten an app to market in time for the holiday season.

Though the app was released in limited distribution for its initial launch, the data collected from users proved that it was a success.

North American Spokesman, Mobile Marketing Association

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