Backend Development

We build solid frameworks that allow your products to grow.

The backend is the root of your product’s ecosystem. Your customers can’t see it, but it binds everything together and keeps it working.

Building your product on an unstable backend is like building a house on a cracked foundation–no matter how beautiful the house is, it won’t stand for long.

Whether you’re building an inventory management tool, a customer database, a payment processing application, or any other type of software, you need an unshakeable foundation where your product can thrive. Stable Kernel creates reliable and scalable cloud-based environments where your products can grow along with your data.

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Tools & Process

Expertise & Flexibility

We’re experts in container platforms such as Kubernetes and Docker, and we work seamlessly with the cloud or hosting provider of your choice.

Clean Documentation

Never stop expanding your ecosystem. With proper documentation, other providers can quickly access your REST API to integrate their products and services with your application.

Unit Testing

Because adding and changing features can weaken code, we scrutinize every aspect of your code to ensure it will stand the test of time.


Using a number of different tools, we’ll automatically manage the testing, deployment, and delivery of your backend code.

Third-Party Integrations

Our development process makes it simple to integrate with third-party services, such as Amazon, Google, or point-of-sale systems.

Banking Security Compliance

To facilitate customer payments, we’ll ensure your product meets all banking security compliance standards and keeps your data safe.


For secure user authentication, we’ll help you keep accounts safe with Open Authorization (Oauth), JSON Web Token, and more.

Test-Driven Development

To write clean code that lasts, we let test everything as we go. This approach reduces bugs in new features and improves the product’s design.

How Rheem Built a More Scalable, Secure Cloud Infrastructure

For a company reinventing the heating and cooling equipment industry, Rheem can’t afford to have a slow product. Because of this, Rheem re-architected the backend of its EcoNet cloud infrastructure, which allows customers to control their equipment from their mobile devices, for a more efficient ecosystem of products. By reducing latency by 1,000%, EcoNet is now equipped to scale to Rheem’s entire customer base and deliver results in a fraction of a second.

Rheem’s Internet of Things platform for EcoNet™ products is more than just a platform;

It’s the Ferrari of the Internet of Things. That’s what Stable Kernel has built just for us.

Brian White, Director, Digital Marketing, Rheem
Brian White Director, Digital Marketing, Rheem

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