Data Monetization & Growth

Uncover the Data-Driven Insights You Need to Grow Your Business

Data Analytics Strategy

We’ll help you identify the data most critical to your organization and turn those data points into bottom-line impact.

Ecosystem & Platform Development

Modular, scalable, and integrated data systems allow you to easily change or add new components as your business needs evolve.

Dashboard & Self-Service Analytics

Improve your decision-making process with real-time access to the metrics that matter most to your organization.

Product Roadmaps

Prioritize new features and improve the profitability of your product with a roadmap aligned with your revenue goals.

Stable Kernel unleashed and applied the power of our data.

We were ready to go from clipboard and spreadsheets to a self-service analytics platform. We are laying the foundation for a far-reaching digital ecosystem to improve efficiency for our employees.

Chris Herron CEO, Creature Comforts

Unlock The Power of Your Data

  • Custom Analytics Dashboards
  • Data Auditing
  • Deep Learning
  • Scalable Data Architecture
  • Data Privacy Compliance
  • Measurement and Attribution
  • Business Intelligence Reports

Making Your Data Work for You

Our 360º process transforms your data into a powerful competitive advantage:

new revenue opportunities for your existing products and services.

your current offerings with data-backed analysis and recommendations.

critical insight into the health of your business with real-time analytics and reporting.

machine learning and AI infrastructures to quickly test and assess new opportunities.

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