Data Science

Drive results with data-backed decisions.

One-up the competition, validate assumptions, and enable quick responses to changes in your market with a data-driven approach.

Your business generates an enormous amount of data each day. Turn it into your most powerful competitive advantage with our data analytics services. Using your data to make business decisions is like taking an open-book test: all of the answers are there–you just need to know where to find them. Our data scientists will show you how to harness your big data to find the answers you’re looking for.

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Tools & Process

Custom Dashboards

With easy-to-understand charts and graphs, you can quickly make sense of your data, share metrics with your team, and make informed decisions together.

Real-Time Notifications

We can create custom, real-time notifications that alert you when your data doesn’t align with your key business objectives so you can quickly adjust your strategy.

Data Security & Privacy

Our data encryption process ensures your data is always protected from security breaches.

Quality Assurance

If you can’t trust the data, how can you use it to make decisions? We start with a foundation built on quality to give you confidence in every data-driven decision.

Deep Learning

We are deep learning experts and use the latest tools and technologies to leverage your data to create deeper and more accurate customer insights.

Data Auditing

With painstaking precision, our team sifts through your data systems to understand what’s working and what needs improvement.


Using machine learning, modeling, and quality data, we establish an automated data system that helps you make more accurate forecasts for your business.

Scalable Data Architecture

We build data systems that are modular and scalable so you can easily change and add new components.

How BMW Uses Data to Streamline Its Operations

For a car manufacturer, undetected product defects can not only damage the company’s reputation, but it can also put lives at risk. To reduce the risk of dangerous vehicle defects, a top-selling German car company instituted an automated quality inspection system that processes images and metadata to detect flaws in cars coming off the assembly line. The manufacturer’s upgraded inspection technology has led to a more efficient supply chain and a safer, more accurate defect detection process.

The Stable Kernel data scientists helped us consolidate our data into one place.

We can now leverage our customer's data to make smarter, better decisions for our business that weren't possible before.

, Manager, Mobile Apps & Services, BMW
Manager, Mobile Apps & Services, BMW

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