Ideation, Research & Strategy

Uncover the Insights that Open New Opportunities

Product Concepting

Our experienced team of researchers and engineers works with you to develop new products that fit emerging market needs.

Market & User Research

We dive into the mindset of your users and unlock valuable insights with rich qualitative and quantitative analysis.

Go-to-Market Planning & Strategy

From marketing to deployment (and beyond), we work with you to define a launch strategy that sets you up for immediate success.

Stable Kernel understands our customers.

By tapping multiple audiences to learn where we should innovate next, Stable Kernel has played an integral part in the development of five completely new products.

Building Materials Manufacturer

Data-Driven Approach to Understanding Your Users

  • Strategic Planning
  • Qualitative & Quantitative Market Research
  • Customer & Stakeholder Interviews
  • Usability Studies
  • Need Analysis
  • Concept Testing
  • Pain Point Prioritization

Setting the Stage for Success

Success starts with this critical phase. It helps secure key stakeholder buy-in and establishes the solid foundation needed for strategic architecture and design decisions. What you get:

Strong understanding
of evolving technologies and customers’ changing needs within your current and future markets.

Clear product vision
backed by qualitative and quantitative research.

that demonstrates core product behavior and impact.

Integrated strategy
for sales, marketing, and financial support of product through development, launch, and beyond.

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