Market Research

Introduce new products to the world with confidence.

Minimize risk and maximize the return-on-investment of new products and features with our data-driven market research services.

We understand custom software implementation is a high-stakes investment. Rapidly changing technologies, complex market dynamics and ever-changing customer needs add to the intensity and uncertainty of products and their future. That’s why we developed a market research department to empower our clients with confidence in their software decisions and ensure their investment exceeds objectives and creates ROI.

The Stable Kernel market research department helps clients clearly identify and prioritize software opportunities based on data, uncover and understand the pain points of users to build solutions to fit their needs and develop compelling products that beat out competitors – every time. Our market research practice directly informs our software solutions, mitigates risk and maximizes client success and business profit.

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Tools & Process

Focus Groups

We facilitate qualitative consumer research to help you understand if and why customers need your products.

Ethnographic Research

Observe customers in their natural environment to identify the real-world pain points your product will solve.

Conjoint & MaxDiff Studies

Simulate how people choose between product features in the real world with advanced statistical tools.


Understand the specific groups of consumers that make up your potential market for a more targeted strategy.

Concept Testing

Measure your products’ potential for success based on metrics such as purchase intent, uniqueness, appeal, relevance, and need.

Positioning Development & Testing

Establish the most effective brand messaging for your products and services to connect with your customers and drive sales.

Multi-Market Products

Unite people of diverse backgrounds through social media to share information about particular products and services.

In-Depth Interviews

After conducting group interviews, our researchers fill in the gaps with more intimate one-on-one customer interviews.

Leading Wood Manufacturer Transforms Company with New Award-Winning Product Line

Historically a commodities manufacturer, the current leading global manufacturer of engineered wood products is transforming its business to become a top-seller in the luxury building solutions industry. To make a successful transition of this magnitude, we conducted quantitative and qualitative research to understand the market size, market potential, and the best positioning strategy. Their new line earned the company the “Best New Product Launch” award from the industry’s top media institution.

Stable Kernel provides deep insight into key business challenges through a collaborative market research approach.

We work closely with Mary on each research challenge. Together, we craft custom research to pinpoint the exact question we need to examine, design a specific method to acquire market data, and jointly analyze the information to produce insightful, actionable reports for our business. We have used this collaborative approach with Mary for years, and it never fails to produce results that positively impact our strategy and objectives.

, AVP, Marketing and Communications for a leading U.S. Wood Manufacturer
AVP, Marketing and Communications for a leading U.S. Wood Manufacturer

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