Market Research

Introduce new products to the world with confidence.

Blending the rigor of traditional market research with the what’s-possible mindset of software and technology

Our full-service market research team understands creating, positioning, or reinvigorating products and brands is a high-stakes investment for any industry from manufacturing to consumer-packaged goods to automotive.

To meet these challenges head-on, we invested in a market research department – its own entity within Stable Kernel. With market research as your foundation, your team identifies target audiences, prioritizes new product opportunities, and uncovers customer sentiments – all before investments are made.

Our department is led by Mary Elzey, an expert with more than 20 years in the market research industry. She’s had an impact on some of the largest brands in the world through her leadership of qualitative and quantitative market research initiatives.

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Market Research Methodologies

Market research is the tried-and-true way to ultimately understand if a product, service, or brand will be successful in the marketplace. We conduct both qualitative and quantitative custom research for our clients depending on the business problem being solved.

We create compelling reports that generate powerful insights, unexpected strategies, and a holistic understanding of our clients’ business landscapes — all in a visually stunning presentation deck ready for their C-suite.

Focus Groups

Center your focus on your customers and learn firsthand how real people react to your product and services ideas.

Ethnographic Research

Observe customers in their natural environments to see the real-world pain points your product will solve.

Conjoint & MaxDiff Studies

Prioritize which product features or benefits are most valuable to your customers through advanced statistical tools. 


Pinpoint and define which groups of customers are priorities for new products or marketing initiatives. 

Concept Testing

Measure your products’ potential for success based on metrics such as purchase intent, uniqueness, appeal, relevance, and need.

Community Panels

Use social media-style interactions to quickly and cost-effectively uncover motivations, behaviors, and emotions that reveal insights about your brand, product, or service.

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