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We design mobile-first strategies for forward-thinking companies.

The future of computing is mobile, and Stable Kernel is leading the way.

The success of a mobile strategy depends heavily on the development approach, and we are experts in helping our partners determine what makes sense long-term for their product.

Thanks to our reputation as mobile experts and our founder Joe Conway’s best-selling book on iOS programming, we recruit the most talented designers and developers to join our team. We will work with you to consider your budget, strategy, resources, product roadmap, and other factors to ensure we are spearheading the highest success for your product.

Regardless if it’s a cross-platform or native iOS or Android application, we will cater to your needs and work together to choose a solution that is guaranteed to work and build upon for the lifetime of your product.

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Our Mobile Developers Are Recognized as Experts on Clutch

A Platform-Holistic Approach

We can develop fully native apps or take our partners’ resources even further with hybrid development approaches that allow us to save time (and your money) while developing fully-featured apps that can still take advantage of native features and UX patterns. Hybrid development can be a good choice for reaching audiences on both platforms, without the sacrifice in native quality that people sometimes think they’re signing up for with hybrid development.

Whether it’s Flutter or React Native, we have the internal resources to not only execute, but we are experts at determining which type of framework and platform will accomplish your software project goals.

Native iOS Development

Joe Conway, our founder and CEO, laid the foundation of this company on mobile expertise and his leadership in the development community. His contributions to the industry, including a best-selling book on iOS programming, have attracted talented developers from all over the country to come work for Stable Kernel. He uses the same approach to instruction and mentorship with our own developers, which has helped establish us as a trusted partner of Fortune 500 enterprises around the world.

Native Android Development

If you’re not catering to the Android market, you’re missing out on nearly 85% of mobile users, according to Gartner; Android development is no longer a de-prioritized product. One of the biggest challenges to developing Android apps is overcoming its fragmented device ecosystem. To create a seamless experience across every Android device, our developers build native applications to ensure our software works every time on any device. We build for your product’s future, not just the immediate needs of your users.

Tools & Process


Go beyond standard mobile apps with technologies like virtual reality, artificial intelligence, computer vision, machine learning, iBeacons, and more.

Continuous Integration

As soon as we complete a feature, the server runs all of our tests to ensure quality and prevent bugs from impeding future iterations.


Analytics is central to our process and allows us to build and optimize features based on your usage data.

UI & Unit Testing

We run unit and user interface tests throughout the development process to prevent bugs and ensure it looks great on every device.

Continuous Delivery

As soon as we build new features, you’ll receive the latest version so you can test it in real time. It’s part of our ongoing, agile process that ensures a better product.

High-Performance Languages

We use mobile coding languages like Kotlin and Swift for stable, reliable applications that are easy to update.

Rheem Increases Sales with Mobile Tools in the Field

Rheem Manufacturing is the world’s leading air, water, and pool manufacturer, but being a manufacturer comes with a major challenge: no direct communication with your customer. Rheem used technology to change this and equip its third-party contractors — the ultimate sales enablers — with the information they need to best sell Rheem products. The result? A better relationship with contractors, increased sales, and contractors recommending Rheem products over competitors — every time.

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Stable Kernel just gets us.

Every single person we’ve met on the team is engrossed in our business. It’s been a great experience the entire time.

Brian White, Director, Digital Marketing, Rheem
Brian White Director, Digital Marketing, Rheem

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