UX/UI Design

We deliver digital products that transform users into evangelists.

Our product designers help you validate the problem and craft solutions that are practical, meaningful, and intuitive to your customers.

Your product’s user experience is the handshake that solidifies your relationship with customers. Difficult app navigation drives users to abandon your product and flock to competitors. At Stable Kernel, we design powerful web and mobile experiences backed by in-depth research into your users’ needs. We deliver products that harness empathy and context to inspire customers so they can’t help but share your services with others.

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Tools & Process

Customer Interviews

In-depth interviews with your target users give us actionable insights into their expectations, frustrations, and needs.

User-Journey Mapping

We uncover opportunities to make your product impactful by defining the business case for your application.

Design Systems

We use design systems for a rich and consistent brand experience across all of your digital products.

User Testing

By testing prototypes on real users, we quickly identify the product effectiveness and mitigate risk before the market launch.

Visual Design

Make a memorable first impression on your customers with enhanced user experience and a beautiful interface.

Contextual Inquiry

With on-site user testing, we capture valuable insights about how your users operate in their natural environments.

UX Writing

We reinforce your brand and guide customers through your product with powerful calls-to-action.


Visualize your product’s potential and gain stakeholder alignment on product designs with our robust wireframes.

BMW Increases Engagement with Streamlined Vehicle Deliveries

The world’s leading premium manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles understands the customer experience extends beyond the dealership. To increase customer retention and loyalty after making a purchase, this Fortune 500 integrated an easy-to-use vehicle delivery app with its digital communications systems. The app automated delivery updates and improved customer support resulting in increased customer engagement and consumer demand.

Stable Kernel's design expertise uncovered what our users really value and need from our product.

Thanks to our partnership, we can ensure our customers are getting the best experience.

, Manager, Mobile Apps & Services, BMW
Manager, Mobile Apps & Services, BMW

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