The Opportunity

BMW needed a reliable team of experts to assist with streamlining and modernizing its business operations and making improved decisions with data-driven software ecosystems to better serve its customers.

The Solution

Stable Kernel worked with BMW’s team to solve their operational challenges with secure, scalable software, resulting in consistently successful outcomes for critical business objectives.


As the world’s leading premium manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles, BMW’s top priorities are improving safety and supply chain efficiency and enhancing the customer experience. BMW partnered with us to leverage our software expertise and custom technology solutions for achieving its critical business objectives. 

BMW maintains production and assembly facilities in 14 countries, with sales operations across 140 countries and counting. With an expansive global presence, our challenge was to enable operational excellence for BMW teams worldwide and to provide their customers with the premium experience expected of the luxury brand. We helped BMW’s team to deliver on their vision for long-term for success with a suite of software products and innovative technology solutions built to scale. In 2017, BMW named Stable Kernel its Agency of Record.

We rely on Stable Kernel's expert developers to build a secure, stable product.

Our partnership has been vital to growing our business and we can always depend on their team of strategists, designers and developers to solve our challenges with custom software.

, Manager, Mobile Apps & Services, BMW
Manager, Mobile Apps & Services, BMW


  • Advancing Logistics with Machine Learning & AI
  • Streamlining the Vehicle Delivery Process
  • Automating Inventory Management and Reducing Errors
  • Developing a New Product Recall Notification System

Product safety is a core tenant of BMW’s business and a distinguishing factor among leading luxury vehicle manufacturers. To meet BMW’s rigid standards for quality inspection and efficiently detect manufacturing line defects, we developed a browser application that trains machine learning models to recognize defects and automate the defect labeling process. The application replaced the pre-existing manual inspection creating operational efficiencies and reducing supply chain errors.

After examining BMW’s customer journey, we identified an opportunity to enhance customer loyalty and interactions by simplifying the post-purchase experience. We created an intuitive iOS application to reduce the time sales representatives spent collecting customer information, completing post-purchase tasks, and providing customer support after vehicle purchases. The existing process required sales agents to walk through a tedious checklist of tasks in person, creating a frustrating experience for customers. The mobile sales tool streamlines sales agents’ tasks and automates delivery updates that improve the customer experience.

BMW’s inventory management process, which relied heavily on warehouse personnel to sort and track shipments, was overdue for an upgrade. We worked with their research division to design and create an application that allowed users to quickly scan and identify hundreds of barcodes in a shipment at once. This solution reduces the amount of personnel needed to manually check shipments and reduces inventory management errors.

When the U.S.’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration updated its standards for vehicle recalls in 2017, BMW’s customer alert system no longer met the criteria. We helped them develop a web application and backend architecture of connected microservices to manage the recall data and send updates to customers in a timely and user-friendly manner.

Stable Kernel is our Agency of Record for a reason.

They consistently bring more than what is expected to the table, guiding us to better understand how we can use software to solve complex challenges across BMW's different lines of business. We rely on them to help us make effective software decisions that ensure our long-term success and we trust their team of experts to execute strategically.

, Manager, Mobile Apps & Services, BMW
Manager, Mobile Apps & Services, BMW


Our collaboration has produced more automated and efficient processes across BMW’s sales process and supply chain, from safety inspections and shipments to product deliveries and on-going customer communications.  Now that BMW has tools to leverage modern architectures, innovative technologies, and better mobile and web experiences, the company has boosted warehouse productivity, reduced supply chain errors, and increased the safety of its products. These outcomes solidify BMW’s place in the market as an innovative manufacturing leader and ensure loyal, long-term customers.


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