The Opportunity

PPS needed to mobilize the data flowing through its multi-product ecosystem with iOS and Android applications to improve the performance of its sales representatives and merchants.

The Solution

Through its partnership with Stable Kernel, PPS modernized its mobile software solutions, resulting in an improved user experience and increased merchant sales.


As one of the fastest growing payments companies in the U.S., PPS has serviced more than 174,000 merchants since 2005. Though it is an industry leader, it is not immune to the fierce competition of the payments industry. PPS approached Stable Kernel to enhance its existing mobile applications for payment processing.

This enhancement for converting and onboarding new merchants would ultimately increase sales and deepen relationships with both merchants and sales representatives. Stable Kernel created and tested two separate mobile products to meet users’ most critical needs, delight customers, and allow its services to evolve as PPS’ business continues to expand.

Working with PPS to better understand their business needs is the core of what we strive to do.

Our ability to work on multiple products from strategy to execution has been rewarding for our team and we look forward to deepen this partnership to continue to better recommend custom software solutions for PPS' business.

, Project Manager, Stable Kernel
Project Manager, Stable Kernel


  • Improving the Point-of-Sale Experience with MX Express

As a collaborative team effort, Stable Kernel and Priority Payment Systems developed the Android version of MX Express to enable merchants to accept and manage mobile payments and provide customers with an improved point-of-sale experience. Stable Kernel assisted them with creating customized, business-critical software solutions and a long-term product strategy to improve the value of its products.

MX Express is vital to PPS’ business and attracts thousands of new users each month. Now that it lives on a central code base, the product can easily adapt to new features as the company grows.


With integrated mobile products for merchants and sales representatives, Priority Payment Systems now has a more intuitive digital ecosystem. When its sales teams are armed with data, they can make more accurate decisions, provide better customer support, and prevent customers from trying a competitor’s products.

Priority Payment Systems has seen firsthand the success that comes from supporting its sales representatives, empowering them to make informed decisions, and streamlining its user experience across its products.


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