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Aqueduct 2.1: Data Validation

May 1, 2017

The latest in Aqueduct for Dart news. The most recent release of the Dart server-side framework Aqueduct adds behavior for validating data before it is inserted or updated in a database and fixes issues when running on Windows OS.

Database object properties may now have validation metadata that gets checked before they are sent to a database. Here’s an example:

class Tweet extends ManagedObject<_Tweet> implements _Tweet {
  void willInsert() {
    createdAt = new;
class _Tweet {
  int id;

  @Validate.length(lessThan: 140)  
  String body;

  @Validate.oneOf(const ["tweet", "reply", "retweet"])
  @ManagedColumnAttributes(indexed: true)
  String kind;

  @ManagedColumnAttributes(indexed: true)
  DateTime createdAt;

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For more details on validation, see the documentation guide for validations.

Windows users can now use the aqueduct serve command.

Published May 1, 2017
Joe Conway

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